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Katowice - road investment at the junction in Giszowiec

Last update date: 15.04.2022 10:24
Update is effective from: 29.01.2022

Dotyczy linii autobusowych: 30, 72, 108, 223, 292, 672N, 674, 695, 906N, 920

The Metropolitan Transport Authority informs that in connection with the road construction at Junction DK 81 and DK 86 in Katowice - Giszowiec, from 26 May 2019 (Sunday) the timetable for bus lines no. 672, 672N and 674 changes.

  • Bus lines no. 672 and 672N towards Katowice districts: Giszowiec and Murcki and the city of Mysłowice after servicing the bus stop Paderewskiego Trzy Stawy will be directed through Górnośląska, passing through the "Murckowska Junction" towards Sosnowiec via Murckowska, Gospodarcza, Trzy Stawy, Murckowska Streets making returns to Giszowiec. This change is caused by the exclusion from the vehicular traffic of Górnośląska Street in Pszczyńska Street. In the direction of Katowice city center, the route remains unchanged.
  • Bus line no. 674 will continue to operate with a circular character. Buses of this line after servicing the Paderewskiego Trzy Stawy stop will be directed through Górnośląska Street, passing through the "Murckowska Junction" towards Sosnowiec, Murckowska, Gospodarcza, Górniczego Dorobku, Szopienicka, Mysłowicka, Kosmiczna, Górniczego Stanu, Przyjazna, Radosna, Batalionów Chłopskich, Mysłowicka Streets, joining the scheduled route. We would like to point out that the service of the Giszowiec district by buses of this line will be carried out from stops traditionally adopted towards the mine and the Murcki district (on the opposite side).

With the introduced changes, a new stand for the stop Katowice Municipal Cementery will be launched (an area of ​​an underground pedestrian crossing) and a two-way Giszowiec Kosmiczna stop located in the area of ​​the intersection of Kosmiczna Street from Mysłowicka Street. At the same time, we would like to point out that in the first days of the temporary traffic organization the difficulties in the functioning of public transport are expected. Please plan your trip in advance.